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BRIDGEs in Belize (Building Relationships for International Development, Growth & Education in Belize) connects teachers in the U.S. and Belize.


The mission of BRIDGEs in Belize is cultural exchange, respect, and appreciation, the enrichment of the experience of all teachers, and improved educational opportunities for all children.

Company Overview

BRIDGEs (Building Relationships for International Development, Growth & Education) in Belize connects teachers in the U.S. and Belize to provide opportunity for cross-cultural educational exchange. In response to requests by individual village schools, North American educators travel to Belize to offer educational workshops to Belizean educators. Belizean educators provide North Americans the opportunity to learn the beauty and wisdom of the Maya culture and to experience a way of life very different from their own. The result is an empowered and invigorated educator base and an increased global-village perspective for all involved.

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  1. daisy whisenant March 27, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    Sounds great! I’m exploring sustainability projects and education in general. I came across your website and I’m intrigued by what you’re doing. School districts are blocking facebook, so will look forward to reading about you at home this weekend, or getting your blog by email. I was wondering about the cost of the July visit/program and more details and flexibility options.

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