Please join us in Belize in March, 2015

BRIDGEs (Building Relationships for International Development, Growth & Education) in Belize matches North American teachers with a variety of skills and expertise with teachers in developing nations, who need coaching and/or additional training in their field. Our current initiative focuses on teacher training in Belize. Volunteers with BRIDGEs in Belize experience life in the interior of the country, where fewer tourists venture.

What features does BRIDGES's in Belize offer?

Tailoring to Your Skills

Once a training partnership is planned, details are worked out to utilize the skills of the teacher traveling to Belize and to meet the needs of the Belizean teachers being trained. Teacher training partnerships may include classroom instruction, teacher mentoring, teaching demonstrations and/or co-teaching. Working within the curriculum used in Belize is crucial. Teaching strategies for effective instruction, progress monitoring and classroom management are some of the ways we support the teachers in Belize. Other strategies related to specific subjects may also be addressed, such as best practices in math or science instruction, or challenges of bi-lingual education.

Mutually Rewarding

Partnering with Belizean teachers is very rewarding and mutually beneficial to teachers in Belize and teachers from North America. In Belize you will find a rich cultural heritage evident in the villages, people and schools. The indigenous people are proud of their heritage and most wish to carry on many of their native traditions and customs. At the same time, modern education is a key to breaking a cycle of poverty that continues, especially in rural areas of Belize.

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